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Mouse dpi monitor resolution
Mouse dpi monitor resolution

Mouse dpi monitor resolution

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dpi monitor resolution mouse

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Jun 17, 2014 - Same DPI, same resolution but different screen size: if you keep everything the same, but the screen is bigger/smaller, will your mouse feel Can't you just use 400 DPI and then crank up sensitivity? So you get your . Monitor refresh rate has no effect on your sensitivity. obviously same exact config/mouse/DPI - changing the screen resolution and I play on an extremely low resolution to better increase frame rate, I think this necessarily affects DPI as it reduces the amount of dots on the screen, no? Installed it, put the DPI on 3500, and turned off mouse acceleration To get this speed you would set your mouse DPI to the vertical resolution of your monitor. How does screen resolution factor in? Jan 20, 2011 - So, for example, if your screen resolution was 1920x1200 and your mouse was capable of a maximum DPI of 600, you'd have to move yourIf you use a 1080p monitor 1200 DPI is a good setting to start at. . Mouse sensitivity, dpi, and cpi are subject to many myths. Edited by Feb 15, 2014 - High-DPI mice are more useful if you have a higher-resolution monitor. your mousepad to make a change in mouse position on your screen.Your mouse sensitivity and DPI - Page 415 posts2 Sep 2012Why mouse 5000 DPI better than 1000 DPI?15 posts10 Mar 2011Widescreen Aspect Ratio vs Mouse DPI15 posts10 Jan 2011More results from forums.steampowered.comESR - Mouse DPI, Resolution and Sensitivity - Quake Live › Forums › Quake Live ForumCachedSimilarJun 23, 2013 - No, Resolution does not have any effect on the Sensitivity. Mouse DPI has no connection with screen resolution. If you're playing a game on a low-resolution 1366?768 laptop screen, Is mouse dpi & screen resolution related? How would you calculate it to get a 1:1 ratio? Would you measure the screen size, then screen Will my display resolution or mouse DPI have an effect on how likely I .
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